Month: March 2018

How to grow luffa

Growing Luffa in the Garden

“I thought luffa was a sea sponge?!?!”  You’re not alone,  I did too, until I saw luffa (loofah) growing in the demonstration garden for the University of Arizona Master Gardeners.  Learn how to grow luffa also known as loofah,  a delicious vegetable to eat (when picked very young) or you can choose to let it grow […] Read more…

How to Thin Fruit Trees and Why You Should #fruittrees#howtogarden#howtogrowfruittrees#gardening#peachtrees#peaches#garden#thinningfruit

How and Why to Thin Fruit Trees

Have you ever thought… “My peach tree only produces small hard fruit.”  Or… “My apple tree’s fruit tastes good, but all the fruit are so small!” Properly thinning your fruit trees can change the tree from one that’s nice to look at to one whose fruit you look forward to and enjoy! Most fruit trees set […] Read more…

What's wrong with my Cauliflower? #cauliflower #howtogrowcauliflower #gardening #howto

What’s Wrong With My Cauliflower?

What’s wrong with my cauliflower? The first time I grew cauliflower, it turned out perfectly. I thought… this is easy! I tried growing it again this year and I had plenty of volunteers for the “what’s wrong with my cauliflower?” pictures.  Cauliflower is a cool weather crop in the Brassica family (which includes cabbage, kale, […] Read more…

How to successfully grow cauliflower

How to Successfully Grow Cauliflower

Cauliflower is trickier to grow than its relatives because it doesn’t like it too hot… or too cold. Learn how to successfully grow cauliflower and enjoy harvesting this delicious and versatile vegetable.  Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for more information. How to Successfully Grow Cauliflower Bolting and Buttoning Cauliflower To grow cauliflower […] Read more…

5 Best Recipes for Cauliflower

5 Best Recipes for Cauliflower

Cauliflower is delicious fresh from the garden with hummus or dip, or try it steamed with a little salt. Here are my picks for the 5 best recipes for cauliflower. Cauliflower‘s popularity is skyrocketing, and there are plenty of reasons why. Full of nutrients and flavor, it is one of the most versatile vegetables around.  […] Read more…