Month: September 2019

Plant Spacing in Square-Foot Gardens

Plant Spacing in Square Foot Gardens

The first gardening class I attended was about square foot gardening. I soaked it all in, and then bought Mel Bartholomew’s “Square Foot Gardening” book. One of the concepts I loved was the simplicity of plant spacing in square foot gardens.  Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for more information. How do you space […] Read more…

How to grow kohlrabi - tips for growing kohlrabi

How to Grow Kohlrabi – 5 Tips for Growing Kohlrabi

Never heard of kohlrabi? You’re not alone. Kohlrabi (Brassica oleracea, Gongylodes group) is a relatively unknown and odd-looking bulbous vegetable in the brassica family.  Learn how to grow kohlrabi, and you won’t be sorry. The enlarged stem of kohlrabi can be eaten raw or cooked, and tastes a little like broccoli stems but with a […] Read more…