Month: March 2020

How to grow Zinnias - 5 Tips for Growing Zinnias

How to grow Zinnias – 5 Tips for Growing Zinnias

Learn how to grow low-maintenance zinnias and add a long-lasting pop of color to your garden during even the hottest months of the year. Butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, and other pollinators are drawn to these vibrant flowers. Zinnias make excellent cut flowers, and come in varied sizes, colors, and textures.  Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. […] Read more…

How to Compost: 10 Simple Steps for Composting Success

How to Compost: 10 Simple Steps

The satisfaction you feel as you turn yard and kitchen waste into organic fertilizer that nourishes the soil, as well as your vegetables, plants, and flowers, is the reward for putting in the effort to learn how to compost.  However, the thought of learning how to compost can be intimidating. The first time I started composting, I […] Read more…

How to make sweet potato slips

A Fast and Easy Way to Make Sweet Potato Slips

Sweet potatoes aren’t grown from a seed – they are grown from slips. A slip is a rooted sprout from a mature sweet potato. You can order sweet potato slips online or you can grow your own. If you’re wondering how to grow sweet potato slips, you’ve come to the right place. Begin the process about 4 […] Read more…