How to Grow Alyssum: 5 Tips for Growing Alyssum

How to Grow Alyssum: 5 Tips for Growing Alyssum

One of the most enduring garden annuals is sweet alyssum. This old-fashioned favorite is gaining new popularity as gardeners realize the benefits of this important companion plant. Learn how to grow alyssum with these 5 tips, and add beauty and attract pollinators and beneficial insects to your garden.  Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. See […] Read more…

5 Best Ways to Keep Rollie Pollies from Destroying Your Garden

5 Ways to Keep Pill Bugs from Destroying Your Garden

Although rollie pollies (also called pill bugs or potato bugs) usually eat decaying and decomposing plant matter, occasionally pill bug numbers are high and they wreak havoc on a garden. To my great frustration, countless seedlings have been destroyed by rollie pollies in my garden.  As an organic gardener, I’m not willing to use pesticides […] Read more…