How to Grow Cilantro: Outside, Inside and in Containers

How to Grow Cilantro: 5 Tips for Growing Cilantro

Cilantro”s distinctive taste is a family favorite. Many Latin American and Asian foods would not taste the same without the citrusy-flavor of cilantro. Luckily it’s simple to learn how to grow cilantro in the garden.  Cilantro is a cool-season annual herb grown for its leaves and seeds (coriander). Learn how to grow cilantro outside, inside, and […] Read more…

How to Grow Rosemary: 5 Tips for Growing Rosemary

How to Grow Rosemary: 5 Tips for Growing Rosemary

Add rosemary to your herb garden, kitchen garden, or rock garden. Rosemary is simple to grow, beautiful, and a flavorful addition in the kitchen. This hardy herb tolerates drought and tough conditions too. Read this article for information on how to grow rosemary, and tips for harvesting and using rosemary. There are plenty of tips […] Read more…

How to grow thyme - tips for growing thyme

How to Grow Thyme: 5 Tips for Growing Thyme

Thyme is my favorite herb. I love the flavor it adds to soups, roasts, potatoes, veggies, and just about any savory dish. Thyme grows well year-round in the low desert of Arizona. I often head out to the garden to harvest a handful of stems. Bees love thyme as well and are drawn to the […] Read more…

How to grow oregano - tips for growing oregano

How to Grow Oregano – Tips for Growing Oregano

No herb garden is complete without oregano, an aromatic mediterranean herb that happily grows along a path, in containers, or in the garden. Learn how to grow oregano, and this perennial herb will come back each spring.  Keep reading to learn how to grow oregano from seed, starts, and cuttings. I’ve also included tips for how […] Read more…

How to grow sage - tips for growing sage

How to Grow Sage – Tips for Growing Sage

Learn how to grow sage, and enjoy sage’s gray-green foliage in flower beds, containers, and the garden. A popular herb in desert areas such as the low desert of Arizona, sage is tolerant of hot weather, poor soil, and drought conditions. This quick-growing perennial herb’s flowers also attract pollinators and beneficial insects. This article includes […] Read more…

How to grow basil - tips for growing basil

How to Grow Basil – Tips for Growing Basil

This article shares everything you need to know about how to grow basil. It includes how to grow basil from seed, plus tips for pruning, harvesting, and using basil. I’ve also included tips for growing basil in containers, growing basil indoors, and how to grow basil in Arizona. One of the most popular herbs to […] Read more…


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