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Five Tips For Growing Carrots #growingcarrots #howtogrowcarrots #organicgarden #carrots #howto #gardening #quicktips #organicgardening

Five Tips for Growing Carrots

Growing carrots is something to add to your bucket list.There’s nothing like pulling a homegrown carrot from the earth, rinsing it with a hose, and eating it in the garden. Nothing beats the flavor of a freshly-picked carrot. Grocery store carrots can’t compare. Learn how to grow carrots with these five tips. How to Grow Carrots: […] Read more…

5 Tips for growing Armenian Cucumbers in the Garden. With the high temperatures of summer, most cucumbers are a fond memory except for Armenian cucumbers (which are still going strong).#gardening #armeniancucumbers #howtogarden #cucumbers #howtogrow #heatlovingveggies #growinginthegarden

Growing Armenian Cucumbers

Growing Armenian cucumbers is a great way to ensure a steady supply of cucumbers in the heat of the summer. This is great news for us desert dwellers who want cucumbers all summer long. First cultivated in Armenia in the 15th century, Armenian cucumbers (also called yard-long cucumbers) are actually not cucumbers at all – they are […] Read more…

5 Tips for Growing Summer Squash #summersquash #gardening#summergarden#howtogarden#howtogrowsquash#growingsquash#growingsummersquash

5 Tips for Growing Summer Squash

Summer squash is easy to grow and prolific. A couple of plants provide plenty for a family to eat all summer long. Learn how to grow summer squash and provide your friends and neighbors with fresh produce too! Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for more information. Squash are separated into two main […] Read more…

How to grow luffa

Growing Luffa in the Garden

“I thought luffa was a sea sponge?!?!”  You’re not alone,  I did too, until I saw luffa (loofah) growing in the demonstration garden for the University of Arizona Master Gardeners.  Learn how to grow luffa also known as loofah,  a delicious vegetable to eat (when picked very young) or you can choose to let it grow […] Read more…

How to successfully grow cauliflower

How to Successfully Grow Cauliflower

Cauliflower is trickier to grow than its relatives because it doesn’t like it too hot… or too cold. Learn how to successfully grow cauliflower and enjoy harvesting this delicious and versatile vegetable.  Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for more information. How to Successfully Grow Cauliflower Bolting and Buttoning Cauliflower To grow cauliflower […] Read more…

Six Things to Know Before You Plant Asparagus

Learn More About Growing Asparagus

Learn how to grow asparagus and you can harvest and enjoy it for many years. Unlike most vegetables, asparagus is a perennial, (meaning it lives for more than two seasons). Asparagus stalks increase in circumference and number over time — it definitely gets better with age. Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for […] Read more…

How to Grow Broccoli- Five Tips for Growing broccoli- #broccoli #gardening #howtogrow

Five Tips For Growing Broccoli

Broccoli has been called one of “the world’s healthiest foods” ( Low in calories and high in vitamins, the list of reasons to eat broccoli is long and would take pages to explain. President Thomas Jefferson loved broccoli, and planted imported seeds from Italy at his Monticello estate. If you’d like to join Thomas Jefferson, […] Read more…

How to grow cucumbers in Arizona

Growing Cucumbers In Arizona

Growing cucumbers in Arizona can be a challenge. The intense heat of Arizona is often too much for the cucumbers to handle, they dry out, and if they do grow they are often bitter.  Cucumbers grow best with a long warm (but not hot) growing season. To overcome the challenges of growing cucumbers in Arizona […] Read more…


Growing Beans in the Garden

How to grow beans Growing beans in the garden is simple. They are prolific and easy to grow. Beans are a great addition to any garden. Learn how to grow beans and add them to your garden. Keep reading to learn how to grow beans in Arizona.  Understand the different types of beans: Bush beans grow […] Read more…

How to grow celery

Five Tips For Growing Celery

Homegrown celery has more flavor than its grocery-store counterpart and is convenient to have in the garden. Here are five tips for growing celery. Disclaimer: this post on growing celery contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for more information.  1. Choose your planting method for growing celery  Plant celery from seed, starts, or even […] Read more…


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