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Gardener’s Vertex Lifetime Tomato Cages


Review of Gardener’s Vertex Lifetime Tomato Cages

In this post, I review Gardener’s Vertex Lifetime Tomato Cages. Keep reading to see what I think of this new product from Gardener’s Supply.  

Disclaimer: This is my honest review of products provided to me. See my disclosure policy for more information.

Review of Gardener's vertex lifetime tomato cage

Gardener’s Vertex Lifetime Tomato Cages can be placed around existing tomato plants

Let’s face it, you get tomatoes planted and mean to stake them, but often forget about them. The next time you notice them, the plants have grown faster than anticipated. Trying to get a typical tomato cage around the plant at that stage is difficult at best, and at worst will break off several of the delicate tomato stems. 

My favorite feature of the Vertex tomato cage solves this problem. (Spoiler alert — I love these cages!) You can put the Vertex tomato cages easily around existing plants because the cage is open, and you wrap it around the plant and then clip it into place. Genius! The installation is simple and takes minutes – no tools needed.

Review of Gardener's vertex lifetime tomato cage #tomatocage #vertextomatocage
The tomato cage clips easily together with the included clips. 

Gardener’s Vertex Lifetime Tomato Cages are made of rust-proof aluminum

My problem with typical tomato cages has been they bend easily and often don’t last even one season in the garden. They are less expensive than the Vertex tomato cages, but don’t seem to last.

The Vertex tomato cages are lightweight and made of rust-proof aluminum. When the season is over, it will be simple to disconnect the pieces and take the cage off. This tomato cage will last as long as my garden does, and I hope that’s a very long time!

Review of Gardener's vertex lifetime tomato cage #tomatocage #vertextomatocage

Gardener’s Vertex Lifetime Tomato Cages' sizes are good for determinate and indeterminate tomatoes

I often grow indeterminate tomatoes and my plants typically reach 8 feet high. Traditional tomato cages usefullness is short-lived as they quickly pass the cage up in height. Pruning the tomato to a central leader with one stake is possible, but it requires constant attention to attach the tomato to the stake and keep pruning so it doesn’t flop over and break. 

I love the tall Vertex tomato cage because it is over 6 feet tall (installed) with large pockets to support the tomato as it climbs, even if the gardener isn’t paying attention. 

The standard size Vertex tomato cage is perfect for determinate tomatoes (like Roma). There is plenty of room inside the cage for the plant to grow, and the branches are easily supported by the cage. 

Gardener’s Vertex Lifetime Tomato Cages make harvesting easy

The openings in the Vertex tomato cage are nice and big. This is good for a couple of reasons – they provide great airflow to the plants, and they make harvesting easy. The plant isn’t cramped inside a small cage; instead it can spread out within the cage. Come harvest time, it’s simple to reach in and pick tomatoes without breaking stems. 

Gardener’s Vertex Lifetime Tomato Cages fold easily for storage

Traditional tomato cages don’t store well, so they often get tossed with the tomatoes. The Vertex tomato cages‘ great design allows you to remove the cage from around the plant and fold it up, ready for next season. That being said, because we grow year-round here in Arizona, I think these cages will always be in use somewhere in my garden. I love to garden cucumbers, melons and squash vertically. I can see using the Vertex tomato cage for those vegetables as well.  

My overall review of Gardener’s Vertex Lifetime Tomato Cages

My overall review? The Gardener’s Vertex Lifetime Tomato Cages are a game-changer for the home gardener, as they combine problem-solving and innovative design with excellent execution. Gardener’s Supply hit a home run with this product. 

Review of Gardener's vertex lifetime tomato cage #tomatocage #vertextomatocage
Review of Gardener's vertex lifetime tomato cage #tomatocage #vertextomatocage

Fay Joe

Tuesday 28th of April 2020

The Vertex Lifetime Tomato Cage looks like a winner. I have issues with birds getting to the tomatoes before I do. Do you cover your cage from the birds as well as the high temps?

Angela Judd

Thursday 30th of April 2020

The birds pecking at tomatoes can be a problem. A friend told me she puts out water for the birds to keep them from pecking the tomatoes. I don't normally cover my tomatoes.