How to grow garlic in Arizona - growing garlic in Arizona - #arizonagardening #garlic #garden #howtogarden

How to Grow Garlic in Arizona


Guest post by Ayshica Andrews How to grow garlic in the low desert of Arizona The summer months are challenging for desert gardeners – the ridiculously hot days seem to go on forever, and we get antsy in anticipation of Fall and planning our Fall gardens. This, however, is the perfect time to research new things […] Read more…

Inspiring Gardener: Nicole Burke of Rooted Garden #gardeninspiriation #whyilandscape #rootedgarden #gardener

Inspiring Gardener: Nicole Burke of Rooted Garden


Inspiring Gardener: Nicole Burke of Rooted Garden I first connected with Nicole Burke on Instagram. Her positive energy is contagious. She is passionate about gardening and helping others learn to garden. Nicole’s social media following and influence have grown as that positive energy gives others the confidence to start their own garden.  Nicole Burke’s company […] Read more…

5 Tips for Starting a Fall Garden - How to start a fall garden - What to plant in a fall garden #fallgarden #gardening

Starting a Fall Garden


Thinking about starting a fall garden? The harvests don’t have to end because the summer does. Take advantage of an additional growing season and start a fall garden! Fill the harvest basket with spinach, carrots, kale, broccoli and more.  Starting a fall garden in warm places like Arizona, means even more variety in the garden.  Disclaimer: […] Read more…

The best way to water outdoor potted plants #containergardening #watering #containergarden

The Best Way to Water Outdoor Potted Plants


Planting in containers is a simple way to add beauty and additional growing areas in your yard. Unfortunately, watering plants in containers isn’t always simple. I have tried many different methods for watering outdoor potted plants through the years. I’ve found the best way to water outdoor potted plants is by using ollas. The best […] Read more…

How to Grow Kale- Five Tips for Growing kale- #kale #gardening #howtogrow

How to Grow Kale


Kale is a garden superfood. It’s very easy to grow and good for you too! According to The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible, kale is “almost perfect. Kale has just about everything – good looks, good flavor, and high vitamin and mineral content. Plus it’s super-hardy and rarely bothered by bugs. Kale is like a really good […] Read more…

Arizona Garden in August #arizonagardening #arizonagarden #augustgarden #gardening #gardenlist

Arizona Garden in August


Low desert Arizona garden in August What grows in low desert Arizona gardens in August? I’ll show you. All of these pictures come from my garden in Mesa, Arizona.  What to do in your low desert Arizona garden in August Prepare your Arizona garden in August for fall planting by removing spent summer-heat loving vegetables and […] Read more…

How to grow sunflowers #sunflowers #gardening #howtogrowsunflowers

How to Grow Sunflowers


It’s hard to see a sunflower blooming and not smile. Sunflowers are a great addition to a summer garden. Take advantage of the unique characteristics of sunflowers and put them to work in your garden. Learning how to grow sunflowers is easy, and finding new ways to incorporate them in to your garden is a […] Read more…

Arizona Gardening in July #gardening #desertgardening #howtogarden

Arizona Gardening in July


Low Desert Arizona Garden in July Wondering about low desert Arizona gardening in July? All of these pictures come from my garden in Mesa, Arizona this month. Gardening in Arizona in July can be difficult; planting the right plants in the right location at the right time and watering them correctly is critical for success.  […] Read more…

How to Grow I'itoi Onions #howtogrowonions #iitoionion #gardening #heirloomvegetable

How to Grow I’itoi Onions

Learn how to grow I’itoi onions, one of the easiest vegetables to plant and grow. Today, this once little known and nearly extinct vegetable is enjoying a resurgence in popularity as home gardeners and commercial growers alike appreciate the ease of growing and delicious flavor of I’itoi onions. I’itoi onions (pronounced “EE-toy”) have a long […] Read more…

Sherman Library and Gardens #shermangarden #garden #gardentour #flowergarden #coronadelmar #garden #destinationgarden #newportbeach

Sherman Library and Gardens


What’s Growing in Sherman Library and Gardens Sherman Library and Gardens, near Newport Beach, California, boasts a collection with more than 1500 plants ranging from exotic vegetation from tropical climates, to rare cacti and succulents from desert regions. There is something for everyone in this gem of a garden, right off Pacific Coast Highway in […] Read more…

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