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Five Tips for Growing Carrots

Five Tips For Growing Carrots #growingcarrots #howtogrowcarrots #organicgarden #carrots #howto #gardening #quicktips #organicgardening

Growing carrots is something to add to your bucket list. There’s nothing like pulling a homegrown carrot from the earth, rinsing it with a hose, and eating it in the garden. Nothing beats the flavor of a freshly-picked carrot. Grocery store carrots can’t compare. Here are five tips for growing carrots. The Arizona garden in […]

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What’s Growing in the Butchart Gardens

What's Growing in the Butchart Gardens #butchartgarden #garden #gardentour #flowergarden

What’s Growing in The Butchart Gardens? A Gardener’s Paradise What’s growing in The Butchart Gardens? Everything! This world-famous garden in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, is a not-to-be-missed destination for garden lovers. With over a million bedding plants in over 900 varieties, it is a National Historic Site of Canada. I spent two hours here on a […]

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What Grows in Arizona Gardens in June

What Grows in Arizona Gardens in June #arizonagarden #arizona #garden #june #garden

What grows in Arizona gardens in June? I’ll show you. All of these pictures come from my garden in Mesa, Arizona this month.  We garden year-round in Arizona, but we can’t grow everything all year. Take a look at what’s growing, and let me know in the comments what’s growing in your garden.  What Grows […]

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Add Vertical Space in the Garden

The Easiest Way to Add Vertical Space in the Garden #verticalgardening #gardenhack #gardening

Add Vertical Space to Your Garden in 15 Seconds! One of my favorite ways, and one of the most versatile, quick and inexpensive ways, to easily add vertical space in the garden is using ladder mesh blocks. Plants love growing vertically up the repurposed trellis, and it’s easy to install anywhere in the garden.  What […]

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5 Best Arizona Gardening Books

5 Best Arizona Gardening Books #gardening #books #gardenbooks #arizona

Bookstores are full of garden books suited for other climates, but the 5 best Arizona gardening books share the wisdom of experienced gardeners in the low desert of Arizona. Although Arizona’s climate seems severe (it is at times), it is an outstanding climate for gardening. Learn more about summer gardening in Arizona in this post. Gardening […]

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5 Best Gardening Books

5 Best Gardening Books #gardening #books #gardenbooks

I think you’ll agree with me when I say gardening books combine two of the worlds best things – books and gardening!   With so many gardening books, it’s hard to find the best ones. This post lists my 5 favorite gardening books. (These are the books I would want if I was stranded on a […]

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