Chicken Supplies: 8 Essentials for New Chicks and Young Chickens

Chicken Supplies: 8 Essentials for Chicks & Chickens

Once you’ve decided that chickens are right for you, it’s important to gather the needed chicken supplies BEFORE you bring the chickens home.  Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for more information. Here are the 8 essential chicken supplies for young chicks: 1. Brooder box A brooder box is where the chicks will […] Read more…

The best way to water raised bed gardens #gardening #watering #driplineirrigation

Best Way to Water Raised-Bed Gardens

Understand and follow correct watering principles, and find the best way to water raised-bed gardens to have a productive and healthy garden. The best way to water a raised-bed garden will provide consistent and even watering, be easy to use and maintain, and ideally be simple to install as well. Raised-bed gardens are a productive […] Read more…

Mulching Your Garden: What to Use and How to Use it

Mulching Your Garden: What to Use & How to Use it

Mulch is your secret weapon in the garden. I talk about the need for mulching your garden in just about every blog post; mulching is that important. This post cover the benefits of mulch, what to use for mulch in different areas of your garden, and the best tips for how to use mulch in […] Read more…

Garden Makeover: Before, During & After

Garden Makeover: Before, During and After

The raised beds we made when we first started a garden in 2009 are falling apart and it is time for a garden makeover. When we moved into this home over 12 years ago, one of the first things I did was start a garden. We finally had room and I’d always wanted a garden. […] Read more…

Grow bag gardening

Gardening in Grow Bags: 5 Tips for Success

Gardening in grow bags is a simple way to begin gardening almost anywhere. Pick up a few bags, fill them with soil, and you’re ready to go.  It’s easy to see why grow bag gardening is becoming a popular option for new gardeners and gardeners who are looking to add more space to their gardens. […] Read more…

Garden Planning in 5 Simple Steps

Garden Planning in 5 Simple Steps

Garden planning helps you make the most of the available space and sunlight in your garden. Each new season in the garden can seem overwhelming. Knowing what to plant, when to plant, and where to plant is a juggling act for even experienced gardeners. Taking the time to make a plan will help you be […] Read more…

5 Tips for Successful Companion Planting

5 Tips for Successful Companion Planting

Companion planting folklore has existed for centuries. Although modern research often validates the effectiveness of some companionships, we don’t understand all the reasons why it works. Effective organic gardening techniques often implement many types of companion planting.  This article covers the benefits of companion planting, and provides practical suggestions for how to implement companion planting […] Read more…

How to Start Seeds Indoors: 10 Steps for Success

How to Start Seeds Indoors: 10 Steps for Success

Starting garden vegetables from seed has several advantages, but learning how to start seeds indoors can be overwhelming. I tried and failed several times trying to start seeds indoors. Each failure taught me something new. Learn from my mistakes and avoid making the same ones.  This article outlines the steps of how to start seeds indoors, […] Read more…


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