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How to Grow Strawberries

How to Grow Strawberries #strawberries #arizonagardening #howtogrowstrawberries

Learn how to grow your own strawberries and pick them at the peak of ripeness and flavor right out of the garden. Grocery store strawberries can’t compare in taste and sweetness – the sugar in strawberries begins turning to starch after picking. Find a spot with full sun in your garden and learn how to […]

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How to Grow Potatoes in Containers

How to Grow Potatoes in Containers

Learn how to grow potatoes in containers; no tilling required. Although potatoes grow best in places with cool summer days and nights (think Idaho), if you choose the correct variety and plant them at the correct time, it’s possible and relatively simple to grow potatoes in warmer climates like Arizona.  Whether you like them baked, […]

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Gardener’s Vertex Lifetime Tomato Cages

Review of Gardener's vertex lifetime tomato cage #tomatocage #vertextomatocage

Review of Gardener’s Vertex Lifetime Tomato Cages In this post, I review Gardener’s Vertex Lifetime Tomato Cages. Keep reading to see what I think of this new product from Gardener’s Supply.   Disclaimer: This is my honest review of products provided to me. See my disclosure policy for more information. Gardener’s Vertex Lifetime Tomato Cages can be placed […]

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How to Grow Wildflowers

How to grow wildflowers in Arizona

Feeling inspired by all of the wildflowers of ‘superbloom’ 2019? Learn how to grow wildflowers that come back year after year in your own yard, and you won’t have to travel far to see a show put on by mother nature. I’ve partnered with Kellogg Garden to bring you this post about how to grow wildflowers.   How […]

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Arizona Garden in April

Arizona Garden in April #arizonagardening #arizonagarden #aprilinthegarden

Arizona Garden in April The sunny warm days and cool nights of April are just about perfect for the garden and the gardener. However, this is not the time to procrastinate – warmer temperatures are coming and it’s important to prepare the Arizona garden in April for the hot summer ahead. “Sweet April showers do […]

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