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10 Gifts Every Gardener Will Love

I’m sharing 10 gifts every gardener will love and use. Here are my picks for the perfect presents for the plant lover on your holiday list. 

Gifts for Gardeners: Mason bee planter

A planter with a mason bee house? Yes, please! Add your favorite flowers to attract native bees, and the bees can nest in the tubes. I’ve loved this bright addition to my garden. 

Gifts for Gardeners: A gardening book

This charming book “We are the Gardeners” by Joanna Gaines has a great message for children and adults. I didn’t mind a bit when my son picked it for his bedtime book 4 nights in a row. 

Gifts Every Gardener Will Love: Planter vases

This countertop planter holds 3 plants. Place basil, tomato, or rosemary cuttings (or other type) in the water and watch the roots grow. Propagating plants means free plants! 

Gifts for Gardeners: Seed sprouter

Gardening Gift Ideas 2019 - Gifts for Gardeners #gardening #gardenergift #holidaygiftguide #giftforgardeners
10 Gifts Every Gardener Will Love 2019

Want to eat healthier during and after the holidays? This seed sprouter from Botanical Interests is an easy way to grow sprouts indoors all year long. Add a sprout seed pack sampler and the sprouts will keep on coming for a long time. 

Gardening Gift Idea: Seed catalog ornaments

10 Gifts Every Gardener Will Love 2019
Photo courtesy of W. Atlee Burpee Company (used with permission)

Vintage seed packets are a personal favorite of mine. I love these vintage seed catalog cover ornaments. Definitely a great gift at the holidays for any gardener. 

Gifts for Gardeners: No more fruit flies!

Between the compost collection on the counter and citrus fruit ripening outside, fruit flies can become a problem inside. This ceramic garlic bulb looks good and is a fruit fly trap. It attracts flies, is easily refillable, and earns its keep in the kitchen without being an eyesore.  

Gifts Every Gardener Will Love: Fisher Blacksmithing garden tools

10 Gifts Every Gardener Will Love 2019
Photo courtesy of Tuli Fisher (used with permission)

Designed and hand forged by craftsman Tuli Fisher. “There aren’t any really amazing garden tools for gardeners, but gardening is an art, so why not have luxury tools to work with? They’re just going to make it easier and make it more fun!”, Fisher says.

These functional tools are also beautiful. Fisher’s tools were described in Forbes Magazine as “look[ing] more like they’ve been unearthed than designed.”  

Gifts for Gardeners: Heirloom flower press

This heirloom-quality flower press is heavyweight, simple to use, and beautiful enough to display while the flowers are being pressed. 

10 Gifts Every Gardener Will Love 2019
10 Gifts Every Gardener Will Love 2019
10 Gifts Every Gardener Will Love 2019

Gardening Gift Idea: Watering made easy

These Garden Grids from Garden in Minutes are the best way to easily and effectively water raised beds. Use code “Angela10” to get $10 off a purchase of $100 or more. 

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know I love ollas for watering containers. Give your gardener the gift of time with an olla from Growoya. The vessel is buried underground and you keep it filled with water, which saves water and time to grow better plants.

Practical Gifts for Gardeners: Labels for plants

Labeling plants and trees is an important part of gardening. These 2 methods have worked great for me for years. 

Label trees and perennials around the garden with these aluminum markers. They are easy to emboss with a ball-point pen. Use the included wire to hang a large loop around a scaffolding branch. 

I’ve tried many methods for labeling herbs and vegetables, and this one is my favorite. Unlike other tags, these labels last all season. 

At the end of the season, I simply paint over the labels and use them again. I use a white sharpie paint pen to write on the metal plant tags. 

Looking for even more ideas for gifts gardeners will love? Check out last year’s gift guide


119 Comments on 10 Gifts Every Gardener Will Love

  1. Oh my goodness, this is so tough to choose from, they’re all so wonderful! I’m totally eyeing the fruit fly catcher or flower press though Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!

  2. I would love to win the flower press! I made some of the pressed flower ornaments you posted and they turned out beautiful! I have big plans for next year.

  3. Fabulous roundup of gift ideas! I’m going with the popular vote here—the flower press is a total winner! I would love to make some beautiful wall art using pressed flowers from my garden. Is there a better way to preserve & display beautiful and homegrown flowers!?

  4. Those are all so cool! I think I’d get the garlic bulb first and then the watering grid. Or maybe the flower press and the bee house. Hard to choose!!

  5. I would like the gardening tools! My kids like to “borrow” mine and end up leaving them forgotten in our beds/borders so I’ve lost several. Need some nice new ones (that I will hide).

  6. My oldest recently has taken to gardening and asked for gardening tools for Christmas I would definitely go with the gardening tools, Joanna Gains book, or the mason beehive!

  7. I love them all but that seed sprouter is super cool! I sprout mine in a mason jar now and I feel like it’s not as effective as it could be.

  8. How on earth to decide?! All are su h grand choices! I especially love the flower press. Living in Colorado, I am.surrounded by wildflowers & want to make floral, laminated bookmarks for friends, but what I NEED are those aluminum plant markers for my ever expanding garden. Plastic doesn’t work. Wooden popsicle sticks don’t last… these would be perfect!

  9. These are lovely gift ideas. I would love them all! But the fruit fly garlic or the garden tags I would get today! Thanks for the suggestions!

  10. These are all amazing gift ideas! I would love to receive the the growoya, and i would love to give my mom the mason bee planter or the planter vases. She loves bees and propagating plants!

  11. Tough choices! I’d love the bee house or the water grid. I definitely feel like most of my gardening failures come from me forgetting to water ‍♀️ but I also love bees and want them to hang around my house more. Thank you for the giveaway!

  12. This is the first time I’ve seen your page and I love it. I can’t wait to read more! I would pick the Mason Bee House to give to my daughter for her 4-H pollinator garden. My second choice would be the Planter Vases for myself. My windowsills are full of little cuttings that I want to root.

  13. Great giveaway! I bought my mother a garden kneeler (kneeling pad with handles that flips over to a bench), and I would buy myself one! I love many of their products. Thanks!

  14. At the ripe old age of almost 80, I would love love love the garden grid to help water my raised beds. Thanks for sharing your garden gifts at this precious time of the year. May all your gardens flourish and your business grows as well.

  15. Well that is a very hard choice to make but the bee hotel is what I am interested in and will be creating this spring for my garden.

  16. Oh my!!! My fav are the mason bee planter, flower press and the counter top planter bases. If i had to choose one it would mason bee planter because i have not seen as many bees as i use to and i do not want them to become extinct and that would become a farmers worst nightmare.

  17. What a great selection to choose from! I would love to have the plant vases as I do a lot of propagating, but this is much more attractive than what I am using now! I would love to win this!

  18. So hard to choose. It is like a kid with a toy catalog. The flower press is what I most likely wouldnt purchase for myself so would probably choose that for…this is the best gift ever….feeling again!!

  19. Oh oh! I definitely want to win the Growing Vases! These look incredible and living in the Nevada desert, I need these!

  20. There are WAY too many things I would like! If I had to choose 1, then I guess it would be the planter based. Love Gardeners Supply!!

  21. Thank you for the giveaway! I would love the Raised bed watering grid. I have new raised beds for next Spring and this system is a great and efficient way to water!! Happy Thanksgiving.

  22. First time seeing your blog and anxious to go back through. I’m a crafter and would love to use the flower press. I have the mason bee planter on my Christmas wish list!Thanks for the give away!

  23. They are all wonderful items and choosing just one is difficult but I will choose the flower press. I saw it demonstrated on Garden Answer and it looks awesome. Thanks for sharing and Happy Thanksgiving

  24. I would love the flower press. It would be great fun to get crafty with little treasures from the garden

  25. I’ve noticed that the flower press is definitely popular. I would love the flower press, too. I remember my grandmother pressing flowers in her bible. I’m quite sure that your flower press would work better! Thank you

  26. such great gift ideas! any of these would be wonderful to receive. You can never have too many planter vases, or maybe it’s time to try something new like seed sprouting.

  27. Would love the olla and Mason bee center to install in our community garden so people can see them in action!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. Seed sprouted please! That’s the gift I would like from this list.

    I keep trying to accept the privacy policy, but it won’t let me. At least there’s no check in the box when I click on it. I accept the policy!

  29. I wish to win Heirloom flower press. I love growing flowers and dry them for dry flower art.I have never entered in give away before but this time I couldn’t resist entering because I just love pressing my garden flowers.Right now I just press flowers in some old books. Thank you Gardender supply for amazing products. My garden has so many amazing trellises,I bought from your website.

  30. I’d like to many of them but I’ve narrowed it down to a few. First, the garden in minutes watering system, Growoya, planter vases, plant labels and the gardeners book. I guess that’s more than a few!

  31. Flower press! I love Gardeners! Local to me so I can just drive there anytime and enjoy all the beautiful plants, flowers, gifts and decor!

  32. I love the bee bed and breakfast! 😉 The mason bee house planter would be a great addition to the yard. Gardner’s Supply also has some galvanized planters I would love to have. Thanks for the chance to win! Would love to treat myself for once.

  33. Comment from Instagram – I would love to give my mom the mason bee planter or planter vases! She loves bees and even started her own pollinator garden this year. (Privacy policy didnt’ work)

  34. Oh such great ideas! I would love to win the flower press or the garden in minutes setup! All of the ideas are great suggestions for that gardener friend thank you!

  35. The garden grid looks amazing to me I’m having a hard time finding the right way to water my raised bed! My soaker hose seems to not be working how I thought it would and now the ground next to the raised bed gets flooded!

  36. Too many goodies—I love the flower press and the fruit fly catcher is GENIUS but I think my favorite is the planter vases!

  37. This is tough since I like most of them. But the ones that I really like is the planter with the beehive. Thanks for this give away and good luck to us. Happy thanksgiving everyone!!!

  38. Thank you the fun giveaway. So many fun and lovely items to choose from. I would enjoy having the Mason Bee House. Thank you

  39. Would it be selfish of me to say I’d love these all as a gift?! Really loving the Ollas; I love the combination of a planter & bee house; and the flower press is adorable! Great gift guide!!

  40. I’ve asked for the watering grid. I have one and love it. I’ve gotten gardening tools as a gift for others this year. I’m learning so much from your site, thank you.

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