Gardener's Gift Guide: Garden Favorites​

Gardening doesn’t have to be complicated. I’ve come to rely on several basics in my garden. These are my garden favorites. My choices for this year’s gardener’s gift guide are the things I can’t do without in my garden.  

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Gardener's Gift Guide: Garden Favorites

Gardener's Gift Guide: a reliable planting guide

Planting at the right time is one of the most important parts of gardening. My perpetual planting calendar, created for the low desert of Arizona, shows exactly what to plant each month.

This perpetual calendar also has pictures from my garden of what can be harvested each month. A practical gift that is also well-made and will last for years. 

Gardener's Gift Guide: garden pruners

When I head out to my garden each morning, I take one tool with me — and this is it. These Felco garden shears are a garden favorite for sure. This tool handles all but the biggest jobs in my garden. I feel out of sorts if I’m in my garden and don’t have this tucked into my back pocket. 

Gardener's Gift Guide: a practical gardening book

I like to keep things simple and easy to understand. That’s exactly what I tried to do when writing this book. How to Grow Your Own Food – An Illustrated Beginner’s Guide to Container Gardening identifies 50 common, easy-to-grow edible plants from herbs to vegetables, along with detailed care instructions. 

You’ll find everything you need to know about building your container garden including:

  • How to choose the right size container for each plant.
  • How to water (and feed) your plants for optimal growth.
  • When to harvest your crops for the best flavor.  

Available for preorder on Amazon and Barnes & Noble(Release date: May 18, 2021

Gardener's Gift Guide: organic fertilizer

This may seem like an odd choice for a gift, but we gardeners tend to be pretty practical. I love this fertilizer and use it often in my garden. 

Gardener's Gift Guide: Joey harvest apron

Harvests happen year-round in my garden. This harvesting apron holds harvests big and small, without being bulky or hot during the warmest months of the year. I love filling it up and dumping it into a favorite harvest basket before I snap a quick photo for the ‘gram

Gardener's Gift Guide: soil testing kit

Testing your soil used to be expensive, time consuming, and complicated. Not anymore. This soil testing kit is a game changer. I love it when innovation and good ideas make my life easier. Testing my soil at least once a year has made a huge difference in the health of my garden. Soil testing gives you knowledge you can’t come by any other way. It takes the guesswork out of when to add fertilizer to your garden.

Gardener's Gift Guide: watering grids

I remember when I first saw the garden grids from Garden in Minutes on my Instagram feed. I was struck by what a good idea it was. Garden grids solve the problem of even watering and dividing your beds for square foot gardening. All these years later, I’m still adding them to every new raised bed I install and recommending them to all my friends and clients. I love these watering grids

Gardener's Gift Guide: cedar raised beds

Raised bed gardening is a great way to get started gardening quickly and easily. Through the years, I’ve slowly added more and more of these deep-root cedar raised beds from Gardener’s Supply to my garden. They come in several sizes and have held up well. A garden favorite for sure. 

Gardener's Gift Guide: wooden dibbler

From planting onions and garlic to planting seeds, I use my wooden dibbler ALL THE TIME. Definitely a must-have at planting time. 

Gifts for Gardeners: raised bed mix from Arizona Worm Farm

This gift may not fit in a stocking, but I can guarantee the gardener in your life will love it. I’ve spent years mixing my own soil, and I couldn’t be happier that Arizona Worm Farm now does the mixing for me. I partnered with them to create this mix. The best part is the soil contains their famous compost. If you live in the Phoenix metropolitan area, they are definitely worth checking out. They offer pick-up and delivery. 

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Gardener's Gift Guide: Garden Favorites​

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