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Holiday Neighbor Gift: Wildflower Seed Packets

Create a fun and beautiful holiday neighbor gift with wildflower seeds

A few years ago, I gave a friend (and neighbor) a wildflower seed packet as a thank you. She planted the seeds. Now, each spring, her yard is covered with beautiful wildflower blooms. This year, I decided to share wildflower seeds with more neighbors as a holiday gift. I hope to see more yards in our neighborhood filled with blooms and pollinators next spring!

Holiday Neighbor Gift: Wildflower Seed Packs
My neighbor’s beautiful wildflowers

The holidays are often the perfect time to plant wildflower seeds. Make it easy for your friends and neighbors to add wildflowers to their yards and gardens — give them the gift of wildflower seeds. This gift will bring a smile to their faces and make your community a beautiful place.

Holiday Neighbor Gift: Wildflower Seed Packs

1. Choose the right wildflower seeds

Learn which wildflowers grow well in your area and buy seeds in bulk. Regional seed mixes are available from flower suppliers like American Meadows. Learn which seeds are native and grow best in your region. Select 4-5 of these seeds to add to your mix.   

I used cosmos, California poppy, Shirley poppy, larkspur, and cornflower (bachelor button) seeds in my mix.

If you grow wildflowers, save seeds to add to your wildflower seed packets!

2. Create the wildflower seed packets 

Now, onto the fun part! The next step is filling the seed bags. I used these craft tin tie bags from Amazon. Add ½ to 1 cup sand or vermiculite as filler. Add one teaspoon of each type of seed into the filler. If you purchased a seed mixture, include 4-5 teaspoons in each bag. 

Holiday Neighbor Gift: Wildflower Seed Packs

3. Download and print the labels for the wildflower seed packets

Once you’ve created the seed packets, including instructions on how to plant and grow the wildflowers is essential. I created a free download to print out and attach to the packets or gift bags. 

Download the wildflower seed packet labels and instructions here:

Here’s a link to the blank labels I used on Amazon

How to grow wildflowers in Arizona #wildflowers #superbloom

If you’re looking for more specifics about how to grow wildflowers, read my previous blog post about how to grow wildflowers.

4. Deliver your gifts with a smile! 

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is delivering gifts to my neighbors. When my kids were young, we wore Santa hats and sang (or tried to sing) carols when they opened the door. It’s nice to connect face-to-face and say hello!

Creating a fun and beautiful holiday neighbor gift with wildflower seeds is a fantastic way to bring a smile to your neighbors’ faces. Selecting the right seeds and including instructions can spread color and beauty throughout your neighborhood. So, get creative, have fun, and bring a little joy (and some flowers) to your community this holiday season!

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Sunday 21st of January 2024

Hi, I am too late this year but this is definitely my gift to neighbors next year. I usually bake for my neighbors but I will now add this to their baskets. Thank you!!


Tuesday 5th of December 2023

Angela, What a lovely idea to share the beauty of flowers with your neighbors! Thank you for the gift of the Wildflower label…you are so creative!

Angela Judd

Tuesday 5th of December 2023

Thanks Thelecia. It was a lot of fun!