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This post was fun to write, I’m not gonna lie. Not that I don’t enjoy writing about celery, peas and broccoli . . . but I love sharing my choices for the 10 best gifts for gardeners. 

Most of these I own and love, but a few (dropping a not-so-subtle hint to my husband here), I would love to have. If you are shopping for the gardener in your life and are looking for gardening gift ideas, look no further. 

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for more information.

Gardening Gift Ideas - Gifts for Gardeners

Gifts for Gardeners: Birth month flower necklace

There is a birthstone for each month, but did you realize there is also a flower? Artist Shari Dixon immortalizes the actual flower beautifully in resin in this necklace. Thoughtful and a bit sentimental, just like us gardeners. 

Gifts for Gardeners: Beautiful & practical twine storage

I love antiques, and this vintage-inspired string dispenser is practical and looks good too. Keeps your scissors handy to cut the perfect length of twine. 

Gardening Gift Idea: A tool belt made just for gardeners

Looking for a splurge for your favorite gardener? You can’t go wrong with this handcrafted tool belt from Floret. I’ve had mine for almost 3 years and I love it. It’s comfortable on your hips, and stores my favorite pruners, my dibbler, cell phone, and a few packs of seeds. It’s not bulky or heavy and it saves the back pocket of my jeans from ripping. Bonus: I put my pruners back in my belt instead of on the ground to accidentally throw them away. 

Gifts for Gardeners: A thoughtful poem

Even if you don’t end up choosing this gift for your favorite gardener, take a minute to read this beautiful poem by Joanna Miller. We gardeners can be an eccentric lot, and this gives you a beautiful glimpse into our hearts. Love this. 

Gardening Gift Idea: The ideal gardening tool

This hori-hori garden knife is the kind of tool that once I had it I don’t know how I gardened without it. It is so useful for transplanting, weeding, cutting roots, and digging. I love keeping it nearby when I garden. 

Gifts for Gardeners: The perfect t-shirt

Love this t-shirt. Simple, visual and to the point. 

Gardening Gift Idea: An antique-looking find that won't break the bank

I’m drawn to beautiful antique watering cans. Unfortunately, although beautiful, many antiques aren’t functional and they leak, while those that don’t leak are often expensive. I love this watering can from Target; the antique look that doesn’t leak, at a reasonable price. 

Gifts for Gardeners: Flower gardener's gift basket

This flower gardener’s gift basket from Gardener’s Supply contains everything you need to go from seed to bloom. Seeds, pots, several tools plus a belt to hold them, fertilizer, plant markers, and more. A thoughtful gift with lots of goodies. 

Gardening Gift Idea: Watering made easy

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know I love ollas for watering containers. Give your gardener the gift of time with an olla from Growoya. The vessel is buried underground and you keep it filled with water, which saves water and time, to grow better plants.

Gifts for Gardeners: The perfect stocking stuffer

Until I had this tool, my nails/gloves would always wear out a little faster. This wooden dibbler helps to plant bulbs and seedlings. I love the printed scale as it helps me plant each item at the correct depth.

Gardening Gift Ideas - Gifts for Gardeners #gardening #gardenergift #holidaygiftguide #giftforgardeners

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