How to grow Zinnias - 5 Tips for Growing Zinnias

How to grow Zinnias – 5 Tips for Growing Zinnias

Learn how to grow low-maintenance zinnias and add a long-lasting pop of color to your garden during even the hottest months of the year. Butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, and other pollinators are drawn to these vibrant flowers. Zinnias make excellent cut flowers, and come in varied sizes, colors, and textures.  Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. […] Read more…


Arizona Annual Flowers: A Visual Guide for Low-Desert Flowers

Arizona Annual Flowers Planting Guide: A visual guide for low desert annual flowers Annual flowers are a simple way to attract pollinators, fill bare spots in the landscape, and add a bright spot of color to containers in the yard and garden. “Arizona Annual Flower Planting Guide: A Visual Guide for Low-Desert Flowers” provides information […] Read more…

How to Grow Coral Vine: Growing Queen's Wreath and Mexican Creeper

How to Grow Coral Vine: Growing Queen’s Wreath

 At a recent tour of my garden, the Coral Vine was in full bloom and it stole the show. This stunning late-summer bloomer stops people in mid-sentence to ask, “What is that?” and “Where can I get it?”  Learn how to grow Coral Vine, and decide if it’s right to add to your yard and garden. […] Read more…

How to Grow Hollyhocks: Hollyhock Growing Guide

How to Grow Hollyhocks: Hollyhock Growing Guide

Learn how to grow hollyhocks, and enjoy a cottage-garden favorite that has been around for a century. Hollyhock’s flowers begin blooming from the bottom of the stalk and move up to the top, producing a long display of color and almost endless supply of blossoms. Learn how to grow hollyhocks and you will often have […] Read more…

How to grow wildflowers in Arizona

How to Grow Wildflowers

Feeling inspired by all of the wildflowers of ‘superbloom’ 2019? Learn how to grow wildflowers that come back year after year in your own yard, and you won’t have to travel far to see a show put on by mother nature. I’ve partnered with Kellogg Garden to bring you this post about how to grow wildflowers.   How […] Read more…

How to grow sunflowers #sunflowers #gardening #howtogrowsunflowers

How to Grow Sunflowers

It’s hard to see a sunflower blooming and not smile. Sunflowers are a great addition to a summer garden. Take advantage of the unique characteristics of sunflowers and put them to work in your garden. Learning how to grow sunflowers is easy, and finding new ways to incorporate them in to your garden is a […] Read more…