How to grow Okra - 7 tips for delicious okra

You've grown what to do with it? Here are 7 of my favorite recipes for okra.

How to grow Okra - 7 tips for delicious okra

Wondering what to do with all the okra from your garden? I’ve compiled a list of the best recipes for okra. 

  1. Martha Rose Shulman’s Roasted Okra – I cook it a little bit longer than the recipe states. The thyme in this makes all the difference. 
  2. Okra Tempura – Tempura takes fried okra to a whole new level.
  3. Cheese and Bacon Okra Poppers – I add a chopped jalapeño to the cream cheese; we like these spicy. 
  4. Okra Succotash – Classic summer side-dish; best with garden-fresh tomatoes and corn. 
  5. Grilled Okra – Super simple to throw a few on the grill when you are cooking other things. 
  6. Food Network Okra with Tomatoes – If you have garden-fresh onions, garlic and tomatoes, this recipe is the best. Summer on a plate. 
  7. Okra Water – Health benefits, and easy preparation. If you don’t cut up the okra, it has a more mild flavor. 
How to grow Okra - 7 tips for delicious okra

Use okra in your favorite recipes.

  • Add it to soups and stews. Okra holds it shape when cooked and adds a nutritious boost.
  • Roast it with your favorite root vegetables. Chop it large or small and enjoy the great  roasted flavor. 

Want to learn more about growing okra? This article is a good place to begin.

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How to grow Okra - 7 tips for delicious okra

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