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7 Best Recipes for Swiss Chard

You’ve grown it…now what to do with it? Here are 7 of my favorite recipes for swiss chard.

7 best recipes for swiss chard

Swiss chard is power packed with nutrients and easy to grow. It belongs in every garden. Learn how to how to incorporate Swiss chard into your diet with these recipes for Swiss chard.

Learn How to Grow Swiss Chard

These recipes will help you use the Swiss chard you are growing in your garden or get in your CSA basket but aren’t quite sure how to use.

The best recipes for Swiss chard

  1. Winter Minestrone Soup – I substitute lots of chopped Swiss chard for the spinach. 
  2. Swiss Chard with Parmesan Cheese – Parmesan pairs nicely with the flavor of Swiss chard in this easy to prepare recipe.
  3. Dr. Oz Breakfast Smoothie – A  delicious way to get a boost from some greens in the morning. 
  4. Swiss Chard Roasted Vegetable Salad – This hearty salad is delicious topped with salmon. 
  5. Sausage, Greens, and Beans Pasta – Spicy sausage and herbs complement the flavors of Swiss chard. 
  6. Sweet Potato and Kale Skillet – I substitute Swiss chard for kale. This one is a crowd pleaser and comes together quickly. 
  7. Tuscan Sausage and White Bean Soup – I use whatever vegetables I’ve harvested that day in this versatile soup, and substitute Swiss chard for kale (once again!).

Best recipes for swiss chard

Use swiss chard in your favorite recipes.

  • Use Swiss chard in smoothies. Chop it up (remove stems if you prefer) and use it like kale in smoothies.
  • Add it to soups and stews. Swiss chard holds it shape well when cooked and adds a nutritious boost.
  • Roast Swiss chard with your favorite root vegetables. Chop it large or small and enjoy the roasted flavor. 

How to grow Swiss Chard

Would you like to learn more about how to grow swiss chard? This article is a good place to begin. 

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