Low desert Arizona garden in August

What grows in low desert Arizona gardens in August? I’ll show you. All of these pictures come from my garden in Mesa, Arizona. 

Arizona Garden in August

What to do in your low desert Arizona garden in August

  • Prepare your Arizona garden in August for fall planting by removing spent summer-heat loving vegetables and vegetables that are past their prime.  
  • If monsoon conditions exist, consider a “monsoon planting”. August is a great time for a monsoon planting of several summer vegetables to take advantage of the rain and higher humidity of the monsoon season. Monsoon planting can yield harvests in September and October.
  • Prepare the soil and your garden for fall planting by adding fresh compost to the soil.
  • Read “How to start a garden in 8 simple steps”  to get started on your garden if you are a first timer or are looking for a few tips.

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What to Grow and Plant Arizona Garden #arizonagarden #arizona #garden #garden

Low desert Arizona garden beds in August

  • Prepare beds for fall planting – Add compost and other organic matter to the soil.
  • It’s important to have your soil tested at least once a year. A soil test can determine the health of your soil.
  • Add a balanced fertilizer if needed. 
  • Plant vegetables according to the planting calendar for your area. These are the planting guides I use. 
Arizona Garden in August #arizonagardening #arizonagarden #augustgarden #gardening #gardenlist

Cut peppers back to new growth to encourage new flush of growth and fall crop. Remove debris around plants to discourage pests. 

Arizona Garden in August #arizonagardening #arizonagarden #augustgarden #gardening #gardenlist

Sweet potatoes that were started back in May are really taking off. I fertilize them once over the summer (in July or August) and give them regular water. I will harvest these in late October or November

Arizona Garden in August #arizonagardening #arizonagarden #augustgarden #gardening #gardenlist

Malabar spinach is producing well and will continue up until we get a frost. Consider leaving a spot for it in your fall garden if you have room. 

Arizona Garden in August #arizonagardening #arizonagarden #augustgarden #gardening #gardenlist

It’s a great time to plant beans in your Arizona garden in August and get a fall harvest of your favorite types. 

What to Grow and Plant Arizona Garden #arizonagarden #arizona #garden #garden

Low desert Arizona flowers in August

Keep flowers deadheaded to encourage more blooms. Plant zinnias, cosmos, marigolds and sunflowers with during monsoon season. Plan your wildflower garden for fall. 

Arizona Garden in August #arizonagardening #arizonagarden #augustgarden #gardening #gardenlist

Gaillardia is a perennial wildflower that can grow nearly year round in Arizona.
Very easy to grow from seed. Remove spent blooms and harvest seeds to spread around yard if desired.

Arizona Garden in August #arizonagardening #arizonagarden #augustgarden #gardening #gardenlist

Zinnias are a heat-loving flower best grown from seed. There are so many varieties to choose from. Cut faded blooms to encourage more flowers. You can continue to plant zinnias in your Arizona garden in August. 

Read this article to learn how to grow zinnias.

Arizona annual flowers planting guide helps you learn when to plant flowers in Arizona, and whether to plant seeds or transplants.

What to Grow and Plant Arizona Garden #arizonagarden #arizona #garden #garden

Low desert Arizona fruit trees in August

Keep fruit picked on fruit trees. Clean up rotten or fallen fruit to help prevent leaf-footed bugs. Don’t prune this month. Fertilize citrus this month or the beginning of September.

Arizona Garden in August #arizonagardening #arizonagarden #augustgarden #gardening #gardenlist

Lemons begin to ripen. Harvest the lemons as needed. They will continue to ripen over the next several months. Flavor is best right after picking. Lemons can be stored in the fridge for a couple of weeks, but it’s best to leave lemons on the tree until needed. Read this article for citrus growing tips

Arizona Garden in August #arizonagardening #arizonagarden #augustgarden #gardening #gardenlist

Watch pomegranate trees for leaf-footed bugs. Remove by hand and discard severely damaged fruit. Clean up dropped fruit. This article has more ideas for organic pest control

What to Grow and Plant Arizona Garden #arizonagarden #arizona #garden #garden

Low desert Arizona herbs in August

Herbs may look a little spent. Continue to harvest as needed but wait until September to give them a good trim and decide if you want to replant.

Arizona Garden in August #arizonagardening #arizonagarden #augustgarden #gardening #gardenlist

Harvest and use basil. Cutting back basil often encourages new growth and keeps it from flowering and going to seed. This article shares how to grow basil

Arizona Garden in August #arizonagardening #arizonagarden #augustgarden #gardening #gardenlist

Fennel is flowering and going to seed. The bees and other pollinators love it. 

Arizona Herb Planting Guide helps you learn when to plant over 30 different herbs in Arizona, and whether to plant seeds or transplants.


Low desert Arizona garden in August "to do" list

  • Get garden beds ready for planting by adding compost and a balanced organic fertilizer.
  • Refresh containers with additional potting soil. Organic matter decomposes and needs to be replenished. I love this soil mix for raised beds and containers.
  • Remove spent artichoke heads to save the seeds.
  • Harvest I’itoi onions.
  • Save sunflower seeds.
  • Deadhead annual flowers (cut off spent blooms).
  • Apply last round of fertilizer to citrus between August and September. Water well the day before you fertilize and again after fertilizing. August is the time for the third application of citrus fertilizer. Fertilize citrus on or around Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day each year.
  • Evaluate plants around yard. If they are overly stressed, check watering and shade/sun conditions. Consider moving or replanting in another spot later in the fall to improve conditions.
  • Contain the urge to plant landscape plants if possible; planting in September is a much better time to plant landscape plants.
  • Continue to mulch plants.
  • Cut back perennials by ⅓ to clean up and encourage new growth.
  • Water plants twice as deep as normal once this month to leech salts from soil around plants roots.
  • Plan your wildflower garden for fall.
  • Spray off plants with water about once a week to control spider mites
Arizona Garden in August

What to plant in the low desert of Arizona in August

Arizona Vegetable Planting Guide helps you learn when to plant vegetables in Arizona, and whether to plant seeds or transplants.

With 50 vegetables listed that grow well in the low desert of Arizona, you are sure to find one to try. 

Would you like the low-desert planting dates for vegetables, herbs, and flowers in a convenient calendar? 

*PLANTING GUIDE: Each month has a planting guide (letter boards) for the vegetables, herbs, and flowers to plant in the low desert of Arizona. 

*HARVEST GUIDE: Harvest guides are the harvest photos of what it is possible to harvest each month. 

Arizona Garden in August
Arizona garden in August #arizonagarden #arizonagardenguide

Want more information about gardening in Arizona? This blog post shares 7 tips for  how to grow a vegetable garden in Arizona


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    • You’re welcome! The rain is wonderful, it’s making me and all the plants very happy! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  1. I planted cucumbers a few weeks ago, I had to bring them inside because birds will eat the small seedlings. I thought they were big enough to survive out side, but they look like they are dying. This is my first time with cucumbers. What did I do wrong.?

    • If you have a problem with birds, it’s best to cover young seedlings with netting. The end of August is generally a good time to plant cucumbers, but always pay attention current weather conditions. You can plant cucumbers through September so I would give it another try.

  2. do you have a layout for planting? I have a 20×40 ft rectangual plot ready to plant. I want to maximize the amount of veggies without over crowding. I am looking for a map or layout of pairings and planting. !’m not sure what to plant together and where. Thanks

  3. We’re moving from Wisconsin to Phoenix in October and I want to start a garden. Do you ever use foliar fertilizer spray? When and how much. Also, do you have a video on what to put in your first raised bed?

    • Foliar sprays such as compost tea can be very effective. You can do it up to weekly or monthly if you want to do it less often. My advice is to look at the monthly planting guide and see which vegetables interest you. Read about which ones you want to grow and determine what to grow in your bed. Choose things you like to eat.

  4. Are you no longer showing the “What to plant now” for herbs and flowers? I can never find the link to them so I’m wondering.

    • For most other months they are listed, but I don’t recommend planting most flowers and herbs in August. The warm season ones are already planted and it’s a bit too warm for the cool season ones. If you wait just a bit most herbs and flowers will be more successful.

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